• Romantic Fashions

    Final weeks on display at the Gemeentemuseum: Sharply tailored suits for dandies and elegant ball gowns for ladies.

  • Titus in Late Rembrandt

    'Titus at his desk' the loving portrait that Rembrandt painted of his fourteen year old son in 1655, can be admired in the exhibition Late Rembrandt. What makes him so special? Take a close look.

  • Dutch Profiles

    Watch the series Dutch Profiles: 96 short documentaries about architects, graphic, product and fashion designers in The Netherlands (photo Studio Job)

  • Artists and their materials

    Polyurethane foam, salt and epoxy are not materials you immediately think of when you think of art. But some artists do use this kind of unusual materials in their work. The video series 'Makers' shows innovative use of material by artists and designers.

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