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  • Carsten Höller and Ranti Tjan

    Carsten Holler and Ranti Tjan have been knowing each other a long time. They collaborated in 1996 for Carsten Höller’s solo exhibition ‘Glück / Geluk’ in the Centraal Museum Utrecht, where Ranti Tjan worked as a the head of the presentation department. Here Carsten Höller presented waterbassins and a flying machine, amongst other works. Ranti Tjan is currently the director of the European Ceramic Work Center in Den Bosch.

  • Design sketch

    The idea to make an exhibition upon a geometric basis came from Carsten Höller himself. When, in August 2009, he was walking around the galleries he made a sketch that would become the starting point for the exhibition: an invisible grid that could provide a measure and a connection for a number of new works and several existing works made in the course of his twenty-year artistic career. They are exhibited together in Divided Divided.

  • Proprioception

    Proprioception is the sense of the relative position of neighbouring parts of the body. The word derives from the Latin words proprius and perception, and was described by Charles S. Sherrington in the late 19th century for the first time. It is the sense that indicates whether the body is moving with required effort, as well as where the various parts of the body are located in relation to each other.

By: Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen

Publication date: 18 Mar 2010

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The artist Carsten Höller has wide interests. He conducted biological research into how plants and insects communicate with one another. He put on Congolese music festivals and he pored over the hallucinatory effects of mushrooms.

In a conversation with Ranti Tjan, director of the European Ceramic Work Centre, he tells about his fascination for the distance between humans and animals and about his aim to ‘synchronise moods’ with his exhibition Divided Divided in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.

Direction, camera, editing: Hans Wessels
Conversation: Ranti Tjan