Publication date: 31 May 2011

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In the beginning of the nineties, a group of young dutch designers was presented in Milaan under the name of Droog. Their designs were immediately recognized as something new. Anti-glamour, sober yet funny, and all telling a story or commenting on society. For a while, Droog design even became synonymous with Dutch design. Founders of this collective are Gijs Bakker and Renny Ramakers.

Many of the early Droog designs found their way to galleries and museums all over the world. They became icons, sometimes crossing the line between art and design. One of the very first to acquire them was the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Since the beginning, Droog has evolved. It has become more of a thinktank under the name of drooglab, which aims to detect global trends in design, and then reflect on those trends from a new perspective.

Director: Noud Holtman
Camera: Pierre Rezus
Sound: Bram Meindersma
Carla van der Meijs
Editing: Dominique Kools
Colour correction: Maurik de Ridder
Music Sound Design: Big Orange
Commissioning editor Submarine: Geert van de Wetering
Producer Submarine: Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen
Research assist: Liselot Francken

Produced by Submarine, Femke Wolting & Bruno Felix
Commissioned by DutchDFA

The Dutch Profiles series was made as part of the Dutch Design Fashion Architecture (DutchDFA) programme, which ended in 2013. The series was then transferred to Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, which published it on ARTtube.